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Here are some helpful safety and maintenance tips.

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every safety precaution.

Automated Gates offer security and convenience to the property owner, but few people realise that they are installing a piece of equipment classed as a machine. If not installed correctly by Professional Gate Automation Installation Company the system has the potential to cause serious harm.

Your Gate Automation System and Gate requires routine maintenance, just like any other piece of machinery, (your vehicle’s wheels, tyres and engine).  Maintenance and servicing ensures a long life and safe operation of your gate and the gate automation.

It is recommended that a service check be done every 6 months for normal residential use but this may vary depending on the intensity of use (always every 3000 work cycles).

A properly installed and maintained automated gate that has regular service checks carried out will give years of trouble free use.

Ask your Professional Gate Automation Installation Company about a service contract to keep you gate system running safely and smoothly.

KNOW HOW TO Operate Your Gate Automation System
Ask your Professional Gate Automation Installation Company to demonstrate the safety systems associated with your Gate Drive System.
  •  Know how to safely operate your automated gate.
  •  Know how to hold the gate open for extended periods.
  •  Know how to manually operate your gate opener in the event of a power outage or system failure.
  •  Know how to reinstate your gate drive system after it has been manually operated.

GATE SAFETY When Operating Automated Gates
IT IS NOT A TOY! Make sure children do not play near and around the Automated Gate and keep all opening devices like Radio Remote Controls out of their reach.

Take the time to teach children about the importance of safety in the vicinity of an automated gate.

Additional Gate Safety Devices
Of importance in association with the correct selection and installation of the Gate Automation System for a given application, are the installation of adequate Safety Devices and the location of these Safety Devices which may require special consideration.

The location of opening devices like Keypads, Intercom Gate Stations and a hidden gate opening system “Manual Release Buttons”, should be installed a minimum of 3 metres away from the Automated Gate so as the person operating the gate cannot reach through the gate to operate an opening device.

Reaching through a gate to operate an opening device is extremely dangerous, once activated with the gate starting to move it has the potential to trap and potentially cause serious injury.
The use of Safety Photocells will improve the safety of your gate automation system. Safety Photocells can be installed across the gateway on the gateposts or photocell columns, either in-front of the gates, or at the end of the opened gates for additional safety both in-front and behind the gates.
An infra-red beam is transmitted between the Safety Photocells and if this beam is broken the gates will not operate in case they come into contact with whatever has broken the beam.

Therefore if a car or a person is between the gateposts or the photocell columns and has broken the beam the gates will remain open. If the gates have already started to close and the photocell beam is broken then they will stop and reopen and stay open until the beam is in full contact again.