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Safety First

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Safety Devices
All Automatic Gate Opening systems should incorporate safety and warning devices to ensure:
  •  The gate does not close on the vehicle
  •  The gate does not close on a pedestrian
  •  Alert the users or others near the gate/s that the gate/s is moving or about to move

A Photocell consists of a transmitter and receiver to operate them; the transmitter constantly sends a signal for the receiver, and if this signal is broken the gate will immediately stop until the obstruction is cleared.  Once the obstruction is cleared the gate is able to resume its normal operation.

Vehicle Loop Detectors
A coil of wire is laid in the driveway so as to sense a vehicle has parked close to the area where the gate is likely to operate in.  Once the vehicle hass cleared the area where the Loop is, the gate is able to resume its normal operation.

Warning lights
The warning light operates, to alert users of the gate that the gate is moving open or close.

Gate Safety Systems