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Railway-8mCantilever 420x420

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Automated Sliding Guide Rail Gates
Automatic Sliding Driveway Gate Systems are best suited to sites with a level surface and used when there is limited space, or where upward sloping driveways make swings gates impractical.

Paved, concrete or asphalt (with a suitable concrete foundation) driveways that provide a clear surface for the gate guide rail track to be mounted onto is best.

Gravel driveways are not suited as the gravel builds up on the gate guide rail track which interrupts the Sliding Gate Operation.

Common problems experienced when this happens is that the auto reverse sensor will be activated as the automated gate thinks it is hitting an object, resulting in the gate reversing itself back into the open position.

This will then compromise the expected security of the premises as the gate automation logic controller will hold the gate open until the obstacle is cleared to minimise further long-term damage to the sliding gate operator.

Automated Sliding Cantilever Gates
Cantilever Vehicle Access Gate Systems are suited to high traffic Industrial and Commercial locations where the gate are constantly being operated.

They are greatly suited to locations where it is not practical to fit the surface type gate guide rail or where traffic like trucks or forklift would damage the sliding gate guide rail.

The gate is suspended over the entrance and therefore needs no guide rail below it. The basic principle uses an additional section of gate (approximately one third of the opening) to counterbalance the section that spans the roadway.

Types of Sliding Gate Drive Systems:
TAU, Residential/Commercial
12V dc, 100% duty cycle
230V ac, 40% duty cycle  
  •  Opening Speeds from 175mm and up to 400mm per second
  •  Optical Encoder Technology or Limit Switches
  •  Battery Back-up in the event of a power failure on 12V and 24 Vdc systems
  •  Manual Release in the event of a power failure, all models

SGD, Industrial/Commercial
24V dc, 100% duty cycle
230V 3-phase ac (only requiring 230V ac single phase input), 100% duty cycle
  •  Opening Speeds from 166mm and up to 630mm per second
  •  Optical Encoder Technology, Limit Switches or PLC/Inverter Controls
  •  Battery Back-up in the event of a power failure on 24V dc systems
  •  Manual Release in the event of a power failure, all models

Sliding Gate Automation