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When ‘we’ Brian and Anita Collins started our business in 2003, that was the time when invoices and statements were sent out in the post and we could say we knew all the other suppliers of Gate Automation and brands here in New Zealand.

Today like so many other products, the brands and quality are so diverse that new names and no name Gate Automation products are in the New Zealand market place so it is almost impossible for anyone to know them all.

So we liken the range of Gate Automation to Cafes… some are using great ingredients including fresh eggs and real cream and some are not so good using powdered eggs and a cream look alike from a spray can and until you have purchased the items and eaten them you can be none the wiser on their content and quality.

So where are we in this analogy?

The brands we sell are like a great café where scones are made with real organic eggs, jam and cream.

Like a great café, we are a specialist Gate Automation Supplier providing recognised quality product brands that perform and can stand the test of time.

To be a specialist Gate Automation Supplier, qualifications are a prerequisite.

Brian is a New Zealand Registered Electrician, with a background in Sales and Engineering of Commercial Air Conditioning Control Systems, Automated Car Parking Systems, Security and Access Control Systems and Gate Automation Systems.

When we first started, we were constantly asked for a ‘Typical Kit Price’ for a Swing or Sliding Gate Automation System, which is now a common method of selling Gate Automation on-line.

Whilst a ‘Typical Kit Price’ sounds very attractive, we identified early on that with Gate Automation and particularly Swing Gate Automation; a ‘Typical Gate Automation Kit’ was/is not suitable for many applications, because almost every site is different.

Specific site conditions can vary; i.e. gatepost design, gate design, intended use and climatic conditions means a different approach is needed to ensure that the correct Gate Automation System with safety, reliability, and security as priorities are met for a specific site/project.

For this reason we encourage the use of our 31 Point Checklists.

The 31 Point Checklists for Swing Gates and Sliding Gates is designed to obtain the important information about your site to ensure we can provide the correct Gate Automation System for your site/project.

While we do not provide you with a shopping list; what we do provide is a specified Gate Automation System that will give years of reliability, security and safety. This information is sent on to one our Qualified Specialist Electrical/Security Companies close to you who will undertake the supply and installation of your Gate Automation System.

This has proved to be a winning formula because you know you are being provided with the right Gate Automation System for your property, first time and can have confidence that the installation will be done in a professional and tradesman-like manner.

Gate Drive Solutions Ltd continues to be proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.
Solution Based, striving to always ‘get it right first time” ….  Gate Drive Solutions Ltd is ….

… “The Driving Force Behind Your Gate!”
We look forward to being of service.