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TAU 10DOORBRINK Automatic 24V Single Swing Door Opener

TAU S.r.l. 24Vdc Gearmotor Sliding Gate Drive (230Vac powered) with encoder, built-in control panel, 2 channel 433.92 Mhz built-in radio receiver on control board for up to 30 codes maximum, & battery charger card. 100% Duty Cycle. Speed - 233mm/sec on opening. Maximum  gate weight 500kgs.
  • Solar Power capable thanks to Photovoltaic (PV) Technology
  • for commercial use
  • for gates up to 500 kg
  • low voltage DC gate drive
  • optical encoder technology (no limit switches required)
  • electronic control unit with built-in two-channel radio receiver
  • built-in battery charger
  • obstacle detection and crush prevention
  • works even during power outage thanks to the backup battery
  • 35% faster than the 230 V version
  • intensive use
  • soft start and soft stop

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Technical features 10DOORBRINK
Power supply 115/230V AC (50 - 60 Hz)
Motor power supply 24V DC with encoder
Absorbed power 140 W
Absorbed power 140 W
Opening speed 4 - 12 sec.
Closing speed 5 - 15 sec.
Duty cycle 100 %
Operating temperature -20° C ÷ +50° C
Degree of protection IP 44
Max. door leaf opening 95°
Max. door leaf weight 130 kg
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